• Research Services

    • Economically Feasible and Environmentally Safe Development Processes
    • New Product Identification and Development
    • Process Validation
    • Literature and Patent Searches
    • Formulations Development
    • Custom Synthesis
    • Contract Research
    • Custom Packaging
  • Bulk Chemicals

    Syntech concentrates in the areas of: Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Fine Chemicals for Flavors and Fragrances, and Natural Products for Food and Cosmetic Applications.To view our complete product listing, click here.

  • Discover the Difference

    Located near the world's most major pharmaceutical companies, Syntech Labs specializes in custom synthesis, custom chemicals, and contract research for chemical/pharmaceutical, academic and government laboratories. Syntech Labs provides its services worldwide. Contact us to discover what we can do for you.

Syntech Labs offers custom chemicals, contract research, pharmaceutical/chemical research, and custom synthesis.

Syntech Labs is a manufacturer and sourcer of custom chemicals and offers chemical and pharmaceutical research services. Syntech Labs handles long and short-term synthetic and developmental projects for new products as well as new improvements to existing products. At Syntech Labs, we have built a solid reputation by providing quality research products and innovative research services in addition to our competitive prices and on-time delivery.

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