About Us

Syntech is a company with over 30 years of research experience in custom synthesis, and its mission is to deliver innovative, cost effective, and environmentally safe products and processes to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Syntech scientists create new products and processes, as well as improve existing products. Syntech also helps customers with product development to commercialize new products expeditiously.

Syntech offers Custom Synthesis, Process Development, Contract Research, and Custom Manufacturing through our principals. With a wide variety of syntheses and research experience, Syntech offers organic, organometallic, and biochemical compounds from milligrams to multikilogram quantities for industrial, academic, and government institutions. Some of them are Pyrazoles, Cyclopropane derivatives, Phthalazine/Phthalazones, Benzothiazoles, Indoles Indanes/Indanones, Indazoles/Azaindoles, Quinazolines/Quinazolinones, Benzooxazoles/Azabenzooxazoles, Benzimidazoles, 1,2,4-Triazoles, Piperidines, Piperazines, Morpholines, Pyrazinines/Pyrazinones, Thiophenes, 3-Azabicyclo(3.1.0)hexanes, Oxazoles, 2-Iminothiazolidin-4-ones, Pyrrolopyrimidines, Naphthyridines, Imidazolopyrimidines, Benzooxazines, Pyridinylpyrimidines,Pyridazinones/Pyridopyridazines, 4-(pyrazol-4-yl)pyrimidines, Quinolines, Pyrimidines, Imidazopyridines, Azabenzimidazoles, Imidazopyrazines, Pyrimidinones, Chiral compounds, Quinoxalines, Pyrrolidinones and APIs.

Our chemistry is under constant development to ensure state of the art technology in Alkylations, Acylations, Amidations, Brominations, Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation, Carboxylation, Condensation, Cycloadditions, Diels-Alder Reaction, Esterification, Favorskii Rearrangement, Formylation, Grignard Reaction, Heck Reaction, Imidation, Iodination, Malonic Ester Synthesis, Michael Reaction, Organometallic Reaction, Oxidations, Polymer Modification, Refromatsky Reaction, Reduction, Quatermization, Wittig Reaction.

In addition, our continued investment in the most modern manufacturing facilities, technology and personnel ensures that Syntech delivers the highest quality products and services to the customers.

Syntech's integrity and reputation guarantees confidentiality. We are proud of our track record which is owed to Syntech's aim to be the forefront of specialized organic synthesis.